The York, PA chapter of the National Organization for Women chapter is one of the oldest chapters in the state, having formed in the early ’70s. While not a large chapter, it is an active one, with a core group of both new and long-time activists. Everyone is a volunteer, and decisions are made democratically. Anyone interested in making the world a better place for women and their families is welcome at monthly chapter meetings. Our focus is on taking action to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society NOW, exercising all privileges & responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with men.

In 1999, York NOW started a scholarship program aimed at distributing funds to women who may have taken a non-traditional career path, and who now need education and/or training to improve their lives and fulfill their dreams. At least one scholarship of at least $1000 is awarded each year. Applications are available in February of each year, and the deadline for their return is April 30. The scholarship(s) is awarded in May.
As an all-volunteer organization, York NOW depends on membership dues to fund activities.  When you join, you automatically become a member of National NOW and Pennsylvania NOW, and you will be assigned, if you choose, to the chapter closest to you. If you cannot afford $40, there is a sliding scale. By joining NOW, you can join in our activism and our fun! Some members are not active, yet by their support year after year, they enable the chapter to do good work.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. regina flanigan says:

    Hello, I live in Frederick, Maryland which is about one half hour from Gettysburg. I was just wondering if your chapter has any planned events to work for Hillary Clinton in the Gettysburg area. I am will to travel there and looking for people who know the area.

    Would you know if the state chapter is active in helping her? Thank you. Regina Flanigan

  2. yorknow says:

    Greetings, Helen:

    I have sent an email to the address above, with details of upcoming York NOW meetings. You and your friends are most welcome. Next chapter meeting is Wednesday June 18 (third Wednesday) at 7 pm.

    Peg Welch
    York NOW

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