Minutes from York NOW meetings

York, PA NOW
February 17, 2010

The February meeting was cancelled due to illness.

March 17, 2010

The meeting began at 7 pm at the home of President Kathy Rauhauser.  Others attending were Susan Crawford, Yolanda Forry, Linda Hengst, Cheryl Huber, Rae Ann Kopp and Cindy Mitzel.

Kathy thanked those who attended the St. Patrick’s Parade luncheon, which was held even though the parade was canceled.
Rae Ann read information about feminist Beatrice Webb.  She also had a newspaper clipping from the Daily Record of March 11 about Mary Reineberg Buchard, who tested planes as a member of the Civil Air Patrol.  Members felt Mary would be worthy of portrayal on a mural.
Secretary’s Report: Cindy made a motion, seconded by Linda to accept the minutes.  Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report:
Previous Balance $595.66
Deposits $160, including receipts for Borders gift wrapping and Feminist parking sign rental
Expenses, $132.74, for the parade application and home tour expenses.
Balance – $617.92 before tonight
Expenses handed in tonight: $132.50 for envelopes and St. Patrick’s Day banners and posters, leaving a
Balance – $491.42
The St. Patrick’s Day parade application money will be returned.
The newsletter deadline is March 30.   Meeting minutes will no longer be in the newsletter, but may be posted to the website, depending on the decision of the webmistress.
Unfinished Business
1.    Mural of York Women: Estimate of cost is $40,000 to 70,000 from design to fund raising  to implementation over a period of 1 – 2 years, says Joan from the Historic Trust.  There would also need to be a maintenance fund.  Susan and Kathy will look at potential sites.  Kathy will meet with Joan later this week
2.    Scholarships: update letters were sent to this year’s donors and included a copy of the scholarship application.
3.    Fundraising: Feminist Parking sign – Cindy paid $10 to rent the sign for the next 2 months.
4.    Gloria Steinem talk on March 27 at F & M, 2 pm:  Members set up car pools to attend.
New Business
1.    Fund-raising: we will again have a raffle for 2 stays at beach homes.  100 tickets at $10 each will be printed. Cindy will design the tickets.  Winner’s names will be drawn at the picnic in July.  Cheryl will obtain a games of chance license.
2.    Cheryl suggested presenting a portrayer of one or more women from history to celebrate the 90th anniversary of women having the right to vote.  A list of such women is at http://www.nwhp.org. Another idea was to take a field trip to one of the places where women made history.  No action was taken.
3.     Cindy asked about reviving political training for women.  No action was taken.
4.    Kathy will reserve a library window for August for the anniversary of women’s vote on Aug. 26.
Reserve the date:
March 20, Spataro’s, 11:30 for lunch or 12:30 for the meeting: Federation of Democratic Women  will feature Mayor Kim Bracy telling about her campaign for mayor.
March 27, 2 pm at F & M: Gloria Steinem
April 21 at 7 pm at 470 W. Market St., York: next regular NOW meeting.  Cheryl will review a York College seminar on “Gender in the Global Context”
December 5, at Ruthe Craley’s home in Gettysburg: NOW holiday party.  Ruthe will give a short talk about Frances Perkins.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Cheryl Huber, Secretary


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